In parallel with the development of the Proba-V MEP solution, several Third Party Services (referred to as MEP-TPS) are being developed with purpose to support the exploitation of Proba-V data by research institutes and downstream services providers. MEP-TPS will provide additional Toolbox capabilities, implement  and demonstrate five scientific applications, develop and demonstrate an Orchestration Service for using the MEP following the Third Party user concept and provide additional visualisations services.
The Proba-V MEP and MEP-TPS teams will work closely together allowing the MEP-TPS activities to help drive requirements for the MEP.

For more details on MEP-TPS please contact the prime contractor Space Applications Services. Project Manager, Leslie Gale (

Details of each MEP-TPS activity can be found on dedicated pages listed below.

PROBA-V Toolbox (Service Development)

Land Cover Monitoring (Research Activity)

Snow Mapping (Research Activity)

Detection of Disturbances in Natural Vegetation (Research Activity)

Detection of Fires and Burned Areas (Research Activity)

Desert locust habitat monitoring (Research Activity)

Open Source Orchestrator Service (Downstream Service)

Enhanced Processing and Visualization Tools (Downstream Service)