November 2021 – fifth iteration

  • Creation of PROBA-V MEP Marketplace
    • bringing TPS and end users together
    • enabling service providers to easily create EO services through openEO and ASB (also integrated with EDC and SentinelHub), freeing them from IT burden
    • offering a user friendly interface for onboarding services
    • ready for future integration with external platforms and marketplaces
    • establishing the necessary operational, business and legal framework

Spring 2020 – fourth iteration

  • Offering processing web services through integration with ASB - an External workflow tool on MEP cluster​
  • Simplified:​
    • Scheduling​
    • Basic product processing flows​
    • Deep identity integration​
    • ADES integration

Spring 2018 – third iteration

  • Focus on boosting the usage of the MEP
    • More sample projects for users (Notebooks).
    • Improved documentation.
    • Redesigned Web portal.
    • Intensified user support.
    • Discussion forum.
  • Improved Job Control Monitoring.
  • Sentinel 2 data integration. 

November 2017 – second iteration

  • User-defined polygons and single pixels in the Time Series Viewer.
  • Interactive notebooks.
  • Support external users on the OpenStack cluster in a Virtual Machine with remote desktop access.
  • Support workloads from external users on the Hadoop environment.
  • Web services according OGC standards: WPS, WCS, WMTS
  • Job control monitoring service.
  • Data Manager extensions: support limited downloads of Sentinel-2 and Landsat data on the platform for Cal/Val activities, ... .

December 2016 - first iteration / part 2

  • First iteration of the Data Manager integrated on the platform, to support on-demand data provision.

October 2016 – first iteration

  • Secured and high-available OpenStack and Hadoop clusters, which are ready to support external users.
  • Full-resolution viewing application on PROBA-V data, i.e. including 300 m and 100 m resolution.
  • First demonstration of interactive notebooks.
  • First preparations to support the beta users of the platform by providing Virtual Machines (VMs).
  • Documentation/tutorials explaining the way to use the platform.

January 2016 – pre-release

  • Basic functionality was pre-released after 3 months of project’ Kick-off with the following applications:
    • Time series viewer application on limited data (PROBA-V bands) and only supporting pre-defined regions.
    • Full-resolution viewing application on PROBA-V 1km data.
    • N-daily compositor application on PROBA-V 1 km (full archive) and 300 m data (most recent year only).
    • ESA Cloud Toolbox, enriched with sample PROBA-V data (all collections over Europe from March 2015 till October 2015) & support for Python and the SNAP toolbox.
  • Web portal with access to the released applications.
  • Pre-release of the platform on an operational OpenStack and Hadoop cluster, deployed in the VITO data center.