Time Series Viewer

Time Series Viewer

This application allows you to explore and view PROBA-V time series and derived indicators for vegetation and environmental monitoring.

Currently the PROBA-V S10 TOC NDVI, rainfall data from CHIRPS and derived vegetation parameters (DMP, FAPAR, FCOVER and LAI) from the Copernicus Global Land Service (http://land.copernicus.eu/global) are available on different precomputed aggregation levels: countries and GAUL1 regions.

In addition you can also request information at pixel level for the PROBA-V S10 TOC NDVI and the rainfall data. By selecting a point on the map, the information will be calculated on-the-fly and shown in the charts. In the near future, user-tailored polygons will be added as well.

Next to the Web client, Web services have been developed which allow you to calcultate the time series for pixels and polygons. You can integrate these Web services into your application. The full REST API documentation can be found here: https://proba-v-mep.esa.int/api/timeseries/apidocs/

In future releases, more data collections will be added, e.g. all radiometric bands from PROBA-V S10. 

For the available data see: Time Series Viewer Data Sources.


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User guide

The back-end that generates the time series is explained here.