PROBA-V Mission

PROBA-V Mission

PROBA-V was developed as both a follow-up to the 15-year SPOT-VEGETATION mission, as well as a preparation for the ESA Sentinel-3 land and ocean observation satellite mission.

Using a constellation of 3 cameras, PROBA-V covers the entire Earth every two days and provides useful reflectance measurements for climate impact assessment, surface water resource management, agricultural monitoring, and food security purposes.

Read more on the PROBA-V site.



PROBA-V characteristics:

> Daily Global Monitoring

> Total Satellite Mass of 140 kg

> Sun-synchronous polar orbit at 820 km altitude

> Equivalent spectral bands to SPOT-VEGETATION

> Image data with spatial resolutions of 1 km • 300 m • 100 m

> One archive for all SPOT-VEGETATION and PROBA-V data

> Near-real time data

> Operational since 2013



The Image Quality Center  (IQC) continuously monitors the instrument radiometric performance to be able to compensate for drifts caused by systematic changes, such as ageing of the instruments in order to ensure the delivery of stable, reliable, and consistent data over its full mission lifetime. Read more on the PROBA-V site.


Technical Description:

Go to the PROBA-V site for more information on the PROBA-V user segment and a technical description of the image processing.


PROBA-V Products User Manual:

The user manual provides a detailed description of the PROBA-V product chain, the derived products and the Product Distribution Portal at which the products are disseminated.