Notebook sample gallery

Notebook sample gallery


Inside the notebook environment (, these samples can be found under ~/Private/notebook-samples. You may want to run 'git pull' inside this directory to get the latest versions.

Quick start sample

histogramFinds PROBA-V products and computes a histogram using the processing cluster.

Keywords: catalog query, Spark, Python, histogram, matplotlib


R quick start

Users of the R programming language can use this sample to get started quickly with finding and reading PROBA-V data from inside their notebook or VM.

Keywords: catalog query, raster, R

Time series analysis (cal/val)

timeseries  Uses MEP web services to retrieve time series from various products for a given point coordinate.

Keywords: Time series, REST, WCS, calibration, validation

Time Lapses

Timelapse animation

Create time lapses using our data client library!

Keywords: Time series, Time lapse, Sentinel 2, Proba-V

Snow classification

Trains a machine learning classifier to classify snow pixels based on PROBA-V radiometry.

Keywords: Spark, Machine learning, Python, Seaborn, graphs, plotting


Trend analysis

  Takes all timeseries from the time series viewer application, and runs a naïve trend detection algorithm on them using Spark. This simple approach   gives  some nice results.

 Keywords: SparkSQL, time series, Python, plotting, maps, pandas

BioPhysical parameters with Sentinel Toolbox Python bindings

Computes BioPhysical parameters using Sentinel 2 reflectance data.

Nice demonstration on how snappy can be used and configured inside a notebook, and how it integrates with Python libraries.

Keywords: Python, Snappy, BioPhysical parameters, Sentinel-2, plotting, numpy