Geo Viewer

Geo Viewer

With the Geo Viewer you can view the PROBA-V data in full resolution.

Currently the application includes PROBA-V 1 km data, the S5 TOC Color 100 m data, the S10 TOC Color and NDVI for 300m and 1km data and derived vegetation parameters (FAPAR and LAI) from the Copernicus Global Land Service (

In the next months more PROBA-V data (300 m and 100 m ) and derived vegetation parameters will become available.

For the available data: see Geo Viewer Data Sources.

Important: by the end of 2021, the current geoviewer will become deprecated and will be replaced. The new viewer is already available under the following url:

Launch application


Usage of the viewing is fairly straightforward, there are 4 main functions:

  1. Layer selection allows you to choose a layer of interest. Layers are organized hierarchically.
  2. Date selection enables you to select a specific date, or to quickly move back and forward in time.
  3. Navigation on the map, most easily using your mouse:  scroll to zoom, drag to pan.
  4. Download allows you to download an image, this menu has 2 subfunctions:
    1. Generate Image To download the current map area as png, only recommended for viewing.
    2. Download as Geotiff To download a geotiff for the current date and map area, or a zip containing geotiffs for a date range.

Direct Web service access

The Geo Viewer is backed by OGC standard based Web services. It is possible to access these Web services directly using a simple web browser, or desktop tools such as QGis.

The following services are currently available:

Geo Viewer web services

Service URL