PROBA-V MEP Stakeholders

PROBA-V MEP Stakeholders


Consortium partners

VITO is responsible for the PROBA-V Mission Exploitation Platform and hosts the infrastructure and all data available on the platform. VITO is in charge of the project management and takes care of the alignment with the  user community and the promotion of the platform.  Furthermore VITO leads the requirements activities and performs the design and development of several components.


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TRASYS is responsible, in partnership with VITO, for the Big Data Analytics platform based on Hadoop and OpenStack.
SPACEBEL is responsible for the Data Manager component and will be the focal point for the standardisation activities within the project.


Key user projects

Several Third-party projects are involved in the initial operations of the PROBA-V Mission Exploitation Platform to support VITO in the definition of operational scenarios and related requirements. Each project is engaged to implement services or provide data on the platform.