PROBA-V Toolbox

PROBA-V Toolbox

Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)
Department for Environmental Research and Innovation (ERIN)
41, rue du Brill
L-4422 Belvaux

Contact person

Dr. Martin Schlerf
Senior Research Associate in Earth Observation
el: +352 275 888 5004
Fax: +352 275 885


The PROBA-V toolbox will address relevant software issues such as modularity, data structures, portability, hierarchy, encapsulation, performance, portability, scalability, and abstraction. There is a need for the integration and harmonization of data from SPOT-VGT and PROBA-V time-series to build long-term time-series, as well as the integration of relevant covariates, such as climate data time-series for the assessment of multivariate relationships. Knowledge discovery from data requires the integration of algorithms into the PROBA-V toolbox dedicated to:

  • Data cleaning to remove outliers, cloudy pixels, noise and inconsistent data
  • Data integration and harmonization to combine and compare data from multiple sources.
  • Data transformation to bring data into an appropriate form for analysis.
  • Data mining to extract patterns from the data using methods for descriptive statistics, classification, and clustering.
  • Pattern evaluation to identify the truly interesting patterns representing knowledge.


The main technical objectives of this activity include:

  • The identification of potential end-users and user demands, including a prioritisation of the methods that shall be integrated into the toolbox.
  • Identification of technologies to develop and implement the key algorithms and software components, including necessary hardware and/or software resources, and demand to integrate the toolbox into the PV-MEP infrastructure.
  • Software design of the PROBA-V toolbox to give the software development team guidance to the architecture of the software project.
  • Implementation of the PROBA-V toolbox according to identified user requirements (data integration, data mining, and pattern recognition).
  • Test with documentation of test performance, behaviour of developed software components, and the fulfilment of identified requirements
  • Workshop to demonstrate the use case with relevant stakeholders and end-users

Technical contact person

Martin Schlerf
Senior Research Associate in Earth Observation
Tel: +352 275 888 5004