Detection of fires and burned areas

Detection of fires and burned areas

Progressive Systems Srl
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Parco Scientifico di Tor Vergata
00133 Rome [RM]

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Progressive Systems
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This activity intends to support the exploitation of PROBA-V data for enhanced fire detection, also relying on the vegetation index for the actual estimation of impact of detected fire events making available:

  • Use of the CloudToolbox for analysing fire detection algorithms performance
  • Use of the CloudToolbox for deploying and testing the enhanced algorithm
  • Access to PROBA-V NDVI and burned area products to complement fire detection information
  • Use of the CloudToolbox to develop an enhanced algorithm and optimise its efficiency and scalability to wider areas of interest
  • Transfer to operations of the new service based on the enhanced fire detection algorithm in the PV MEP environment operated by VITO
  • Access to NRT MSG-SEVIRI data via PV MEP for supporting operations
  • Support algorithm validation campaign


NRT Fire Detection service running on the MEP based on MSG SEVIRI and PROBA-V data.

Technical contact person

Roberto Cuccu
Tel: +39 06 941 80566