Enhanced processing and visualization tools

Enhanced processing and visualization tools

14 rue Albert Einstein
77420 Champs-sur-Marne

Contact person

Serge Riazanoff
Tel +33 9 6130 6628
Fax +33 1 6462 0897
cell +33 6 0784 8456
Email: serge.riazanoff@visioterra.fr


VisioTerra has developed a powerful client-server solution called VtWeb (see the demonstration platform http://visioterra.org/VtWeb/) that enables:

  • accessing a wide range of EO (Earth Observation) products, meteorological, climate and biogeophysical data,
  • display these data geocoding them on-the-fly in 2D web mapping or 3D virtual globe within usual Web browser without any extra plugins,
  • process these data on-the-fly through default, predefined or user-defined styles (colour composition, histogram transforms, filtering, pseudo-colour),
  • share the view with hyperlooks enabling other users to see a particular product using the specified on-the-fly processing parameters and the desired point of view,
  • export the processed image in GeoTIFF (geocoded tagged image file format) or KML (Keyhole Markup Language).


This activity will implement VTWeb for PROBA-V with two main objectives:

  • detect changes in the “S1 TOA” (one-day synthesis Top Of Atmosphere),
  • enable users to display the origin image, its change with a rolling mean and the rolling statistics together with contemporaneous meteorological data.

Among all the products available (see http://www.vito-eodata.be/PDF/portal/Application.html#Home), “S1 TOA 100m” products have been chosen because they are the ones available in the shortest time of their acquisition and with the best spatial resolution. Aim of a future operational service will be to enable users to be warned when a substantial change occur within their area of interest and therefore the delay since the observation time shall be as reduced as possible.

Technical contact person

Kévin Gross
Project Manager
Tel +33 9 6130 6628