New MEP features in 2017

Friday, November 24, 2017

The end of 2017 marks a new project milestone for the PROBA-V MEP, with a bunch of new features that have been added over the past year.

This post will walk you through all of this.


Geo Viewer

In the Geo Viewer, new 300m layers have been made available.

Next to this, a small feature was added which allows you to download the area that you are currently viewing. Either as a geotiff or as a png.

Time Series Viewer

The Time Series Viewer was extended with a huge new feature, allowing you to interactively query the timeseries for any region. More info in this blog post.

Next to that, the SPOT-VEGETATION NDVI time series was also added to this tool, allowing you to analyze changes in NDVI over a much longer time period.


Our virtual research environment was extended with support for Jupyter notebooks. Giving you access to our data archive and processing resources, with a very low threshold, and allowing you to easily share your experiments and results with colleagues.

For more info, have a look at the notebook gallery.


To simplify access to our processing environment. We worked hard on improving documentation.

For instance, to get started with using our processing cluster, have a look here.

We recognized the need to simplify access to job logs, so we introduced a new tool that also allows us to monitor remote sensing workflows.

cluster upgrade was performed, to fix bugs, and ensure access to the latest tools.

N-daily compositor

The N-daily compositor service was extended with support for on-demand creation of 100m composites.

Results generated by the N-daily compositor service can now be viewed in full resolution before downloading them.