With the Geo Viewer you can view the PROBA-V data in full resolution.

Currently the application includes PROBA-V 1 km data, the S5 TOC Color 100 m data, the S10 TOC Color and NDVI for 300m and 1km data and derived vegetation parameters (FAPAR and LAI) from the Copernicus Global Land Service (http://land.copernicus.eu/global).

In the next months more PROBA-V data (300 m and 100 m ) and derived vegetation parameters will become available.

For the available data: see Geo Viewer Data Sources.

Launch application

Direct Web service access

The Geo Viewer is backed by OGC standard based Web services. It is possible to access these Web services directly using a simple web browser, or desktop tools such as QGis.

The following services are currently available:

Service URL
Geo Viewer web services
WMTS http://proba-v-mep.esa.int/applications/geo-viewer/app/mapcache/wmts?service=WMTS&request=GetCapabilities
WMS http://proba-v-mep.esa.int/applications/geo-viewer/app/geoserver/ows?SERVICE=WMS&VERSION=1.3.0&REQUEST=GetCapabilities
WCS https://proba-v-mep.esa.int/applications/geo-viewer/app/geoserver/ows?SERVICE=WCS&REQUEST=GetCapabilities