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Bernard Valentin
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In addition to the environment offered by the PROBA-V MEP there is a need to offer the facilities of the MEP applying the Third Party Service use concept. The Open Source Orchestrator Service (TPS-Orchestrator) will add an additional method for users make the use of the PROBA-V MEP to develop, validate and execute a processing campaign for user defined cases allowing users to use the MEP when they want in reliable repetitive manner. For the TPS-Orchestrator a user defined use case is characterised by a data processing model, algorithms and data sources. In the context of the TPS project, we anticipate the TPS-Orchestrator to be used to perform the following tasks:

  • Register algorithms in the service environment and configure them as processors.
  • Request for processor executions, specifying the necessary parameters.
  • Monitor the execution of the processors.
  • Retrieve the processing results (reports and data files).


The goal is to make the MEP attractive to a wide range of users by:

  1. Eliminating the need to become a MEP platform expert, and/or avoid the need to be tightly coupled to the PROBA-V MEP development support team to implement to the user’s use case;
  2. Broaden the scope of the use of the MEP to the Third Party downstream service providers;
  3. Make the resources offered by the MEP accessible in a multi-platform solution for user data analytics.

Technical contact person

Bernard Valentin
Tel: +32 2416 0595