As described in the FAQ, user Virtual Machines (VMs) come in two flavors.

  • PROBA-V MEP Virtual machine:
    • This VM comes with several pre-installed commandline tools, desktop applications and developer tools which are useful for exploitation of PROBA-V data (e.g. GDAL, QGIS, GRASS GIS, SNAP, Python, etc ...).
    • Access to the full PROBA-V archive.
    • Target audience are scientists and developers developing applications which use PROBA-V data. After the prototyping phase, the PROBA-V MEP processing environment can be used for larger scale processing. The end goal should be an application running on the MEP platform.
    • request your PROBA-V MEP VM
    • access your PROBA-V MEP VM
    • use your PROBA-V MEP VM


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