After starting the Virtual Machine, a user will have an environment with the following tools pre-installed:

This Virtual Machine contains sample PROBA-V data for one growing season (begin March - end October 2015) over Europe for the following collections:

  • L3_S1 TOC 1KM: HDF-5 and GeoTIFF format
  • L3_S1 TOA 1KM: GeoTIFF format
  • L3_S10 TOC 1KM: GeoTIFF format
  • L3_S10 TOC NDVI 1KM: GeoTIFF format
  • L3_S1 TOC 333M: GeoTIFF format
  • L3_S1 TOA 333M: GeoTIFF format
  • L3_S10 TOC 333M: GeoTIFF format
  • L3_S10 TOC NDVI 333M: GeoTIFF format
  • L3_S5 TOA 100M: GeoTIFF format
  • L3_S5 TOC 100M: GeoTIFF format
  • L3_S5 TOC NDVI 100M: GeoTIFF format
  • LEVEL 1C: HDF-5 format

Most datasets are provided in GeoTIFF format as this format is widely supported in the tools provided. For the PROBAV L3_S1 TOC 1KM collection we also provided data in HDF-5 format to demonstrate the use of the SNAP toolbox PROBA-V plugin. The data is available under directory /DATA. Datasets in GeoTIFF format can be found under /DATA/GEOTIFF, datasets in HDF-5 format under /DATA/HDF5.

SNAP toolbox

Using PROBA-V plugin which is available in the SNAP Sentinel 3 toolbox, it becomes very easy to apply a status mask on a coverage as shown in the image below.

When hovering the mouse pointer over a coverage the pixel info tab displays the flags available in the status map: