Local Product Catalog service

The PROBA-V MEP provides a catalogue REST service. 

The PROBA-V MEP gives access to a large catalog of PROBA-V products, and products from the Copernicus Global Land Service. These products are available on disk in user VM's and on the processing cluster. Everything is organized in a directory structure.

To more easily find the file locations of specific products, for a given location and time range, a simple catalog service is available.

The full REST API documentation can be found here:



This catalog service returns EO product search results, containing one (HDF-5) or more (GEOTIFF) files. A file contains the product filename and the bands contained in the product file.

A Python2 client is available, making it easier to integrate catalogue search in e.g. Jupyter notebooks or PySpark jobs. Documentation is available on readthedocs.org.