Each MEP user has it's own Public and Private folder, available under /data/users/Public/username and /data/users/Private/username. There is also a link to those folders in your MEP VM home folder (/home/username).

The Public folder can be used to share data with other MEP users as all MEP users can read the data, but it is only writeable by you. The Private folder is only readable and writeable by you. These folders are accessible from the MEP user VM's, the Hadoop cluster and the notebooks.

Data can be uploaded by SFTP, as described below.

Importing small amounts of data on the VM

To import data to the user VM that has the size of a couple of Gigabytes or less, the easiest way would be to use an SFTP client.
For Windows, WinSCP is a good choice.
Download WinSCP (or any other SFTP client) and start it up.

Connect WinSCP to our SFTP server:
The login credentials are the same as your VM, meaning your MEP username and password.

In the SFTP server you will find the folders that are shared over the entire MEP cluster. Your Private folder will be under /data/users/Private/username and you Public folder will be under /data/users/Public/username.