Using standard job monitoring, you can monitor your job and browse logs. However, an EO application developer often wants detailed logging and progress tracking of the EO input products (tiles) being processed. To support this, the MEP platform provides a JobControl Callback Python API that a developer can use to push detailed information to the MEP platform. A dedicated dashboard is available to visualize this information.

To get you started we developed a quickstart application which you can clone to your user VM. After submitting a job by executing the run-cluster command, your job will appear in the application list. An additional icon () allows you to navigate to a dashboard which visualizes the EO specific information.

The left panel show the different jobrun actions (processing steps) which were executed. When selecting an action, detailed information about the input products being processed and their state is shown:

The screenshot above shows the state of a successful run of the quickstart sample. It displays the tiles that have been processed and also shows the state of the tiles that were processed using 4 digits: #pending / #running / #succeeded / #failed. When clicking on the log () button in the tile, you can navigate to the tile specific logs.