The resources use a data model that is supported by a set of client-side libraries that are made available on the files and libraries page.

There is a WADL document available that describes the resources API.

You may also enjoy the Swagger UI provided for this API.

name path methods description
  • /v1.0/ts/{productId}/geometry
  • /v1.0/ts/{productId}/point
  • /v1.0/ts/{productId}/test
  • /v1.0/ts/{productId}/geometry/cv
  • POST
  • GET
  • GET
  • POST
Computes times series for a product over a given polygon or point. Polygon queries aggregate all values in the polygon, taking nodata into account. Depending on the product, additional masking rules may be applied. For PROBA-V NDVI:
  • A land/sea mask based on ESA CCI landcover is applied
  • Only clear pixels (according to the status mask layer) are used.
The type of product to work on is specified by 'parametername', valid values are:

Data Types


type description
TimeSeriesResponse A time series containing timestamped results.
TimestampedStatisticsResult A single timestamped entry of a timeseries.